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The topic of our discussion might not seem to be an interesting one, but believe me, if you will gave it a thought it’s the most interesting topic you have ever discussed. Have you ever wondered how easily a kid adopts different language, you can teach them anything any language. The time and input a mature has to give in learning a language is much more than given by a kid. As some of the research says an infant mind is like an empty tap you can record anything on it, and English has proven itself to be the easiest of languages to learn.

At times we are confused about what we should gift to the other person, in some of the conditions like these give them a English Dictionary, as its one of the best gift one can receive, be it a kid or an adult as it’s an treasure of all new and old information which help’s at every stage of our life. Even people or kids who are staying in another English speaking country for their studies or work mostly carried a dictionary with them.

There are many versions or we should say verities of English dictionary available at book stores, and before picking up one from them, one should know which one is good for us and can help us in best possible ways. A dictionary should be convenient to read, be it a huge for keeping it on your desk or the smallest to carry in your bag; it should be convenient when to come to reading and understanding part.

The next thing which comes in the list is understanding, we understand thing better with the examples, then why not carry a dictionary which provides you example sentences with each word you look for. This will help you understand words in better way, plus it will help known how to use that word, as because one word can be used in many different ways depicting different meaning. Therefore an English dictionary which provides us example sentence is better to use.

There are many form of a single word, which means same thing can be spoken in more than one way. This gives you a reason to select a dictionary which provides other form of the same word, so that you can learn how one word can be used in different ways. There are many words with same meaning for example big and large have a same meaning, but surly these words can be used differently, that’s the reason on should select a dictionary which provides a list of synonyms with every word.

And now the most important point in the list of ‘rules of choosing dictionary’ that is pronunciation, a good dictionary always provides guidance for the pronunciation. Therefore look for dictionary which provides the same.

Make reading a regular habit, as this will help you in getting a good hold on language, if you cannot carry a typically heavy book with you every where then go for online book store, as carrying books on smart phones is a latest trend these days.


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English Dictionary Price in India

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English Dictionary Price in India

This article was published on 2012/03/03